Sunday, January 3, 2010

picture day

I think these kids are so awesome. I really love my job a lot.

Celebration Day!

Today we got to celebrate this adorable child! We learned that all things pink are wonderful and beautiful, and if she could be a pink flamingo, that would take the cake! She loves her mama so much! She loves to read with her and help her every day. She would love to visit Disneyland, and probably knows more games than anyone! We are so happy to have this wonderful girl at our Studio.
Here is one of the Celebration Day portraits of our Celebration Day Girl!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Celebration Day!

Today we got to celebrate this fabulous guy! He loves his cousin, and the color purple, and he has really special clothes! Lucky! He would love to be a tiger in the jungle, because it would be soooo cool to do that. He's a pretty amazing dancer and jumper on the trampoline. He is such a nice guy, and we love hanging out with him every week at The Studio.One of our amazing student portraits of our celebration day student. Notice the perfectly spiky hair.

Pp Pirate and Princess Puppets

I love this day and these puppets. They were fun to make, and I love hearing the stuff that comes out of the kids' mouths in the name of their puppets. So, one side of the puppet is a pirate and the other side is a princess, and as per the story, we also made a pink and purple parrot puppet on a stick. One little guy said to me as I was giving them instructions:
"There is no way I'm going to draw a princess on anything! I don't care about the story, I'm making two pirates and there's no way I'm coloring my parrot pink!"
So, the project wasn't for everyone apparently, but it was way fun!

Pp perfectly cool letter

I love this week in school! There are so many awesome projects to do with the letter Pp. We started off the week talking about an impressionist method of painting called Pointillism in which the paint is applied to the surface in small dots of color that are joined together by the eye to create the image as a whole.
George Seurat (1859-1891)
We experimented with Pointillism and the kids made some great pieces.

I was going to use them in the art show, but the show is getting a bit too large, and so I sent them home the next day.
Next up for the letter Pp was of course Pablo Picasso(1881-1973).

We looked at a few pieces of his work, and then set out to make our own Picasso-esque portraits. They turned out so awesome!

Celebration Day!

Today we got to celebrate this darling little girl. We learned about her that she LOVES her sister! She also loves her friends and the color yellow. She would like to be a giraffe so that she could have a long neck (wouldn't we all?). She is very obedient and rather amazing on the trampoline. She is moving away and won't be in school anymore after this month. We're sure going to miss her! We have all very much enjoyed spending time with her at The Studio.

Here is one of the fantastic student portraits of our celebration girl.
I had a little help with this photo.

Ii Impasto and Indian Corn

We had a fun week with the letter Ii. We talked about Impasto. This was a super fun day! The kids think it's so fun to make gunk, and stick it down.

Our finished Impasto pieces promise to impress. They will be shown at our Winter Showcase.
We also learned a little bit about Indian Corn, and made our own. The hardest part about this project was making sure the kids didn't eat too many of the marshmallows before they could finish their projects.

It was a fun week with the letter Ii.